About ASR

ASR is a leading independent FINMA regulated Swiss representation firm founded in 2014 by Anne Empain and Greg Taylor to provide Swiss Representation and Distribution services to foreign fund managers.

Our clients capitalise on the ASR team's significant expertise in legal, compliance and pan-European business development.

Anne Empain CEO

Board Director & Head of Legal, Risk and Compliance

Greg Taylor

Head of Distribution

Arnold Bucheli COO

Head of Operations and Due Diligence

Saemi Bossart


Nabila Parker


Joseph Bechaalany

Board Director

Jean-Baptiste Zufferey

Board Director

ASR Key Facts

  • Established in April 2014

  • FINMA licenced to conduct Representation and Distribution to Swiss Investors

  • Main office in Gland, Switzerland with local presence in London

Affiliations & Service Providers:

  • Member of SFAMA (Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association)

  • Member of AIMA (Alternative Investment Management Association)

  • Member of AFBS (Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland)

Our Services

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Contact Information

ARM Swiss Representatives SA

Route de Cité-Ouest 2, 1196 Gland – Switzerland.

For Compliance services contact:

T:   +41 22 354 25 33
M:  +41 78 892 92 97

For Distribution services and ASR Link contact:

T:   +41 22 354 25 32
M:  +41 79 138 02 32