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Representation of alternative funds distributed to Qualified Investors

Swiss Regulatory Requirements:

As of March 2015, marketing of foreign alternative funds (Hedge, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Real Estate) can no longer be conducted through the private placement exemption.

Reliance on "Reverse inquiry" is practically impossible. The definition of "distribution" is very broad and includes any direct or indirect discussion, introduction or promotion of the fund – effectively negating any reverse solicitation safe harbour. Marketing to the following Swiss investors requires the fund to appoint a Swiss Representative and a Swiss Paying Agent:

  • Pension Funds

  • Family Offices

  • Independent Wealth Managers

  • High Net Worth Individuals

  • Banks investing in a fund for a client outside discretionary or, in certain instances, advisory mandates

  • Function of the Swiss Representative:

  • Ensures the fund is distributed in compliance with Swiss regulation (i.e. ensures the fund Promoter and Distributor are fully informed of Swiss regulatory requirements on a continual basis)

  • Acts as local contact point for Swiss investors and the financial regulator FINMA

  • Makes the fund offering documents available, free of charge, to Swiss investors at their request

  • Ensures the fund's Distributor is adequately authorised and supervised in compliance with Swiss regulations and formally appoints the Distributor for marketing in Switzerland via a Distribution Agreement

  • Ensures the fund's offering/marketing documentation contains mandatory Swiss disclosure language

  • Ensures the Distributor undertakes classification of qualified investors before promoting the fund

  • Obtains annual confirmation of compliance with Swiss law from Distributor

  • Function of the Swiss Paying Agent:

  • Provides the possibility for Swiss investors to opt for transferring proceeds of subscription and/or redemption via a Swiss bank

No filing, no reporting, no disclosure of proprietary information with FINMA is required.

  • Our Process:

  • Close working relationship with our clients from the outset to gain an in-depth understanding of their organisation and marketing needs thereby providing appropriate regulatory and marketing guidance for their Swiss distribution activity

  • Efficiently structured client on-boarding process clearly outlining the steps involved and the required actions by clients

  • Tailor made client support material including required language for fund documentation and Qualified Investor verification certificates

  • Proactive facilitation and co-ordination of the interactions between our clients and their Swiss paying agent

  • Average on-boarding timeline for Representative and Paying Agent services is 2-4 weeks

  • Advantages of working with ASR:

  • Internal legal and compliance expertise and no outsourcing of functions enabling quick execution

  • Competitive pricing structure: no set-up fee and annual fixed fee that includes all Representative services

  • Introduction and distribution capability

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