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Representation of UCITS distributed to Non-Qualified Investors

Swiss Regulatory Requirements:

Marketing of UCITS to Swiss Non-Qualified Investors (i.e. retail investors) requires:

  • FINMA authorisation of the fund

  • The fund to appoint a Swiss Representative and a Swiss Paying Agent

  • Publication of the fund's NAV and fund data on a Swiss publishing platform

  • Prospectus, constitutional documents, KIIDs and annual (and semi-annual) reports to be made available in a Swiss language

  • Amendment of the prospectus and KIIDs to comply with Swiss requirements (including Swiss disclaimer in all fund documentation)

Once appointed, the Swiss Representative is responsible for preparing and submitting the fund authorisation request to FINMA.

The overall timeframe for obtaining FINMA authorisation is approximately 6 weeks (approval by FINMA takes at least 4 weeks following the authorisation request).

Ongoing administrative and filing obligations with FINMA are requested from the Swiss Representative on behalf of the fund in the event of:

  • Registration of new funds or sub-funds

  • Deregistration of funds or sub-funds

  • Merger and liquidation of fund

  • Change in legal form of fund

  • Notification of new share class/cancellation of share class

  • Failure to launch a fund or to start distributing in Switzerland

  • Change of Swiss Representative or Swiss Paying Agent

  • Any action or order implemented by a foreign regulatory authority against the fund including a registration withdrawal

  • Errors in valuation and rectification thereof

Fund authorisation implies the following costs:

  • Representative fee (ASR's annual fee including all representation services)

  • Paying Agent fee (annual fee including all paying agent services)

  • FINMA fees (initial approval fee as well as applicable fee for each fund event requiring notification to FINMA as listed above)

  • Translation fee (if translation into a Swiss language is required for the fund offering documents)

  • Publishing Platform fee (depending on the choice of publishing platform, some platform providers do not charge any fee)

Our Process:

ASR Monitor is a proprietary automatised interactive tool allowing efficient onboarding, monitoring and auditing for funds requiring to be authorised by FINMA for distribution to non-qualified (retail) investors in Switzerland.

All required documents are electronically uploaded by our clients, reviewed by us and centralised in ASR Monitor portal allowing electronic filing with FINMA in a timely and cost effective manner.

  • Week 1-2:

  • Review legal documents of the fund

  • Prepare and execute Representative and Paying Agent Agreements

  • Amend prospectus and KIIDs to comply with Swiss legal requirements

  • Translation of prospectus, constitutional documents, KIIDs and annual/semi-annual reports into Swiss language as needed by external service provider

  • Sending prospectus for signature to fund manager and custodian bank

  • Obtain original UCITS certificate from regulatory authority of fund domicile

  • Prepare request for FINMA authorisation

  • Week 2-4:

  • Submit authorisation request to FINMA

  • Prepare and execute contract with Publishing Platform provider for electronic publication of NAV

  • Provide fund information template regarding ongoing obligations to fund manager

  • Provide and review compliance of Swiss disclaimer in all fund documentation (including marketing material)

  • Signature of prospectus by fund manager and custodian bank

  • Custodian to enter into or acknowledge paying agent agreement

  • Week 5 onwards:

  • Inform fund manager of FINMA approval

  • Release fund data in the selected publication media

  • Advantages of working with ASR:

  • Internal legal and compliance expertise and no outsourcing of functions enabling quick execution

  • Digitalised on-boarding, monitoring and audit process

  • Long standing and continuous relationship with FINMA

  • Translation services available upon request

  • Competitive pricing: no set-up fee and annual fixed fee including all representation services both for single funds and umbrella structures

  • Introduction and distribution capability

  • Privileged relationship with network of law firms in Luxembourg, Middle East and Hong Kong

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