Ombudsman Affiliation Service

ASR wishes to inform you of a legal update communicated by the Swiss Federal Council on 9 November 2020. Please click here to read more

ASR wishes to inform you that we have selected FINOS as the preferred Ombudsman for our clients.

We believe FINOS will provide an efficient and cost-effective solution.

We propose to undertake the annual ombudsman affiliation process for your company to cover 2020 and 2021.

If you wish ASR to undertake the Ombudsman affiliation for your company, please contact us.

We will start processing applications in October

Once affiliated with FINOS, a confirmation of affiliation will be sent by email to the designated compliance/legal person at your company.

For further information and questions kindly revert to Anne and the team on

Client Segmentation Service

ASR will assist in performing the mandatory client segmentation for Managers.

ASR will obtain all necessary certifications from clients/investors including, as applicable, various opting in, opting out declaration and waiver provision.

You will be able to search by client name, receiving confirmation of status and compliance requirements.

In the event the specific client is not on the CS database, you can request ASR to perform the classification.

You will have access to an online database of Swiss clients/investors classified according to the client segmentation rules (“CS database”).

ASR’s CS database is dynamic and will be updated on an ongoing basis.

FINSA rules compliance service

The deadline for compliance is 31 December 2021

ASR offers the full FINSA compliance solution service comprising of:

  • Ombudsman affiliation service Please click here for more information

  • Client segmentation process via access to a client database

  • Ongoing compliance requirements

  • Application of the rules depends on client segmentation

    • Code of conduct

    • Organisational rules

  • Validation of compliance:

    • Process ASR

    • Legal opinion from Swiss law firm

    • Renewal

  • Ongoing CISA compliance assessment.

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